About Collected Transients Sound Effects Libraries

Collected Transients are home-grown sound effects libraries by Stosh Tuszynski, a sound designer based in Chicago, IL.

Each library from Collected Transients is 100% originally recorded/designed material. All files are embedded with rich Soundminer and Broadcast Wave Metadata for easy searching across all popular audio database software.

For your convenience, Collected Transients libraries are available at multiple sample rates up to what they were recorded at. For example, a 192 kHz library also comes with 96 kHz and 48 kHz versions… simply choose which version(s) you’d like to download after purchase!

To keep downloads fast, all libraries are packaged in .rar format. There’s plenty of software to extract .rar files. For Windows, I recommend WinRAR. For Mac, I recommend UnRarX.

The license agreement for Collected Transients libraries is pretty simple. To summarize:

  • You are free to use them in any media production you may have, royalty free.
  • You can not sell or redistribute any of a libraries content.
  • The full EULA can be viewed here: Collected Transients EULA